roller derby…

Every since I watched Whip It last year, I’ve had a mild obsession with women’s roller derby and am constantly making references to my future career in the derby.  I love the fast-paced action, the nick-names tickle me, and I adore the crazy outfits!   Unfortunately, since I (a) bruise easily (b) am not overly coordinated and (c) have a low pain tolerance… I’ll have to make due with just watching.

So that’s what we did this gorgeous weekend… we went to see the Carolina Roller Girls at Dorton Arena.  We’ve talked about doing it for a long time now, but Erik snatched up the opportunity and pre-bought tickets for the double-header show on Saturday.  Similar to a rock concert, the first derby was the “warm-up band” of two local teams… followed by the headliner All Stars teams from both Carolina and DC.  And yes, you could tell a difference in the skill levels.

We were able to sit ring-side to be up close to the action… all those fishnet and snagged tights wearing super chicks speed-skating past us and weaving in and out of the pack really made for an exciting time!  The more we watched, the more we understood about the rules and scoring of the game so that we actually knew when to appropriately clap or what to shout as sideline coaching.  We saw a couple of pretty bad spin-out falls, but we also wondered if women’s roller derby may be a bit like WWF “pro wrestling” since they were a little overly dramatic.

After a couple of hours, I almost had myself convinced to stop by for a pair of roller skates and hot pants on our way home… but again with the clumsy-girl thing.  Of course, Erik was still game for me getting the hotpants and fishnets.  Ha!  

I just checked out the Savannah Derby Devils website and see that they have a Roller Derby boot camp in early May for all levels of skating experience.  I can’t do it because I’ll still be traveling then, but I bet that would be a blast! 

I think my new derby name should be Mad Mandy… grrrrrr!

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