i love my brain…

Oh – ha!  I was poking through my blog photos folder and came across this one… figured it was a good follow for the roller derby blog since this would be a great helmet if I ever did join a derby team.  I first noticed the fun retro-design on the helmet, but then when I flipped it around to try it on, I noticed the slogan on the back.

I love this for a couple of reasons… but the thing that jumped out at me most was that I – like most women – often get caught up in thinking that my worth is based solely on my appearance.  All those magazines on display out there in the grocery store line aren’t showing glossy pictures of diplomas, math equations, intellectual accomplishments, etc.  Nope, the focus is on looks.

Now, I’m realistic about appearance making a difference, but I would like to think that my intelligence and success in my career is every bit as important as how I look in the new dress I just bought… if not, more.  I’d like to think that my brain is one of the sexiest things about me.  In fact, I recently read an article (with glossy pictures of gorgeous women) in which they asked you to focus on your favorite body part… and yeah, I’d have to say my favorite body part is – in fact – my big beautiful brain.

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2 Responses to i love my brain…

  1. Heather says:

    I am so with you on this! I’m not delusional, I know that looks matter, and I’m (generally) attractive and grateful for what I come by naturally and work at making the best of it – But I’m so much more concerned with staying intelligent and curious and healthy – I think that the exterior reflects the interior more than most people realize – As my grandmother always said: pretty is as pretty does – And you, my dear, are gorgeous!

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