So check it out… I’m already counting down the days until our week at the beach mid-June this year (3 months and 1 week to go – yahoo!).  Even though we’ll only be about 40 minutes from the beach in our new home of Savannah, we plan to come back to North Carolina’s Wrightsville Beach.  Wrightsville and the nearby Ft. Fisher beach (where we can drive out onto the beach in the Jeep) are my favorites.  We’ve been there several times before and already know all of the shops and restaurants we like to frequent, so it makes for a pretty stress-free vacation.  After months of traveling to and fro for work and us relocating to a completely new city, I’m going to be ready for the familiar…

I’m also going to be ready to burn every square inch of my skin under that hot summer sun… which brings me to swim-wear.  I have several swimsuits, including a really fun sexy tankini that I love, but I try to get a new one each year.  I was in Target the other day and passed a few racks of cute suits that made me start day-dreaming about strutting around in the sand with all the confidence in the world.  Oh yeah, I’d love to rock a bikini on the beach this year.  The last time I actually wore a bikini was when I was 23, so a day or two ago (and several pounds ago).  But I look back on that time and remember how good it felt to walk around in that cute little navy blue with a daisy pattern bikini and ooze confidence.  I want to feel that again.

So – I’m on a bikini-quest…  I’ve been looking for some motivation and that’s the best motivation I can think of right now.  I’m going to push back from the snacks that are floating around the project room at work, pass on the many Mexican food dinners that are available here in Dallas, drag myself to the gym every day, and work really hard over the next few months to get myself back in shape and feeling confident about my body again.  I may not grace the cover of Sports Illustrated, but I’ll be sassy’d out in a bikini by the time we hit the sand in June!

Tell me I wasn’t rocking this bikini at four years old…  it had ruffle-butt pants!  Hahaha!

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2 Responses to bikini-ready…

  1. Heather says:

    Yeah – I’m going to be in a swimsuit in a couple of weeks – It’s been a lot of motivation – So best of luck to you and keep on keeping on, babe!

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