When I was single – years ago – I had a weekly ritual I called “beauty night”.  I would use one evening a week to stay at home, relax, and do some beauty treatments for myself.  I haven’t done that in years.  I mean, I get regular pedicures, massages, etc, but I haven’t really set aside time by myself to indulge in a full night of pampering. 

Since I’m traveling away from home during the week, I typically have at least one evening a week free from dinners, working late, or the regular distractions that I find myself getting caught up in at home… so I decided to get back into my old single-girl beauty routine.  I always found it to be relaxing and re-centering in the past, so I’m looking forward to it being the same now.

Tonight was that night… I had a quick dinner with a couple of work-friends and then got back to my hotel room, enjoyed a drink out on my private balcony (the weather is amazing right now!), lit my Macintosh Apple scented candle, turned on my Pandora smooth-jazz station and started pampering myself. 

I buffed and painted my fingernails with a clear coat nail strengthener, gave myself a clay-mask facial, used exfoliating cleanser on my arms and legs, slathered an intense moisturizer all over my body, and used a deep conditioner on my hair.  Aside from feeling totally relaxed, I feel refreshed and renewed… I’ll be drifting off to sleep, feeling pretty tonight.

Do you have a regular beauty ritual that you’re doing now or one you’d like to get back to?

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