the difference between me and my husband…

I am – by nature – a list maker.  So when we realized that Erik would be moving to our new temporary apartment in Savannah a week before all of our stuff would arrive, I started making a mental list of all the things he would need to pack and take with him for the week.  My list consisted of things like linens, toilet paper, shower curtain and rings, cooking utensils, a few dishes, coffee maker, etc. 

I mentioned to him that he might want to start making a list for himself so that he’d have time to think of what he would need on a daily basis for that first week.  When I checked in with him about it last week, he said “yep, I’ve started my packing list”.  I’ve been really busy with my project and getting in the groove of commuting, so I didn’t think much more about it. 

When I got home last weekend, I found his packing list amongst some papers in our office.  The four things he had listed were: Josie (our sweet puppy-dog), Josie food, computer, and motorcycle.  These?  Are the bare necessities for my husband… his dog, his computer, and his shiny red Ducati.  I had to laugh… I love that my husband is a man with simple needs.  And I love that he needs me to fill in the details.  He’s good at plenty of stuff (directions, for one), but I’m good at the details, so we complement each other.

Do you think it’s a male/female thing or more a personality thing?

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