i heart travel…

Last night, I went for a quick dinner at Whiskey Cake (in.credible.food!) in Dallas… I was by myself and didn’t want to take up a table for just me, so I sat at the bar for my salad and mesquite grilled mussels.  A couple sat down next to me and we started chatting (seriously, EVERYONE talks to me).  They asked what I was doing in Dallas and I explained that I’m an independent consultant who travels wherever the project is.  They were fascinated that I travel all over (it’s really not glamorous) and asked me about where all I’ve been.  For work, I haven’t really been many places… Ohio, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Oregon, New York, and Texas.  But then we just talked about travel in general and I realized that I’ve done a lot of exciting traveling in my nearly 39 years. 

Most notable…

  • I was born in Germany and lived in Berlin for several years as a kid, so we traveled all over Germany – Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Bavaria, etc.
  • When I was 12, I won a trip to Paris that I took with my Dad.  My favorite part of that trip was Montmartre and the artists’ square nearby.  When I returned years later, I bought a sketching of the artists’ square for my Dad.
  • I learned how to ski in a small town in Austria – back in the days that ski boots would bruise your shins unless you stuffed maxi-pads in them for cushioning.  I have not been skiing since.
  • I’ve traveled all over the Maryland and Washington DC area while visiting my Dad and Step-mom.  I’ve even been inside the white house, but it was occupied by a better man back then – ha!
  • In a previous life, I partially owned a beach-house in Gulf Shores, Alabama and spent many weeks there – enjoying crawfish and crab claws with views of the ocean at places like Flora-Bama Lounge and Pink Pony Pub.
  • I spent a week in Jamaica at a hedonistic resort when I was about 20, skinny dipping with strangers every day.
  • I celebrated MLK weekend in New Orleans for 4 years straight, meeting up with a girlfriend from Houston that I had met during a few conferences I attended.  I can’t tell you how many times I found myself on the karaoke stage of the Cat’s Meow or trying to collect a cover charge at the piano bar in Pat O’s!
  • As a graduation celebration trip, my best friend from college and I traveled to London, Paris, and Rome… where I fell in love with Italy, totally and completely.
  • I have seen the lights of the Las Vegas strip on three separate trips… my favorite time was when I went with my best friend and her husband.  We went to a Rick Springfield show, but his stand-in was performing that night.  I was so heart-broken, but closed my eyes and was still able to imagine him crooning to me and only me – ha!
  • My husband and I honeymooned in the Mayan Riviera and have returned to that area on two other trips, staying at progressively more luxurious resorts each time.  We get burnt like lobsters every trip and swear we’ll remember our sun-screen next time, but we never do.
  • We vacation in Taos and Santa Fe, NM every year around Labor Day.  This is the week that I get really zen and find my inner-hippy each year.  It helps that we go to Ten Thousand Waves every time we’re in Santa Fe.
  • To celebrate Erik’s college graduation, we took at long trip to Italy… visiting Venice, Cinque Terre, and Lake Como.  Erik discovered Cinque Terre on a Rick Steve’s travel show and it was unbelievably gorgeous!  Have I mentioned my love for Italy?  We’re hoping to live there for a short-time some day…
  • We took my Mom on her dream-vacation to see Alaska, visiting Anchorage and Seward.  The drive between the two was the best part of the trip.  It should have only taken us a couple of hours, but it took us all day because we kept stopping to take pictures!
  • We spent several days in Sedona, AZ a few years ago… poking through art galleries, hiking, and off-roading in a Jeep amongst the red-rock.
  • Erik has always wanted to see the Canadian Rockies, so we went to Calgary and Banff during their “summer month” of August… which still turned out to be pretty chilly!  But wow, unbelievably beautiful!  That is definitely a trip we’d love to repeat…
  • Last year, I ran the Nike Women’s half-marathon in San Francisco (where I received a Tiffany’s necklace instead of a finisher’s medal).  We made a day trip to Napa Valley and tried our first taste of Opus wine.

Those are the trips that come to mind as notable, but there are so many more places we’ve been… Maine, Seattle, all over Texas, Outer Banks, Ft. Lauderdale, Charleston, Kansas City, Boston, Chicago, New York City, etc.  We have plans to go so many more places… Greece is our next big trip!

What’s your favorite travel destination?

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