spring is here!

We had amazing weather in Raleigh this weekend!  I got in Thursday night and spent most of the day on Friday, relaxing and sunning myself on our deck.  (Have I mentioned how much I love working a four-day work week and having Fridays off?!  heck yeah!)  It was awesome to hang out in our back yard one last time before we move… staring out at our lush green grass (I wanted to roll around in it), hearing the wind chimes, smelling the flowers budding and blooming… yeah, it was pretty freaking great.  I just hate that we won’t see the hydrangea bloom again this year before we’re gone.

We had lunch on the patio at Mellow Mushroom on Saturday, napped with all of our windows open, and then went for a hilly walk in the country club neighborhood… Sunday we ran some errands, napped with all of our windows open (notice the trend? ha!), and then I had to change out of my t-shirt and flippy flops into a fleece and sneakers so I could fly to yucky cold New York.

Someone asked me how I was doing when I walked into the office this morning – after wearing my hooded coat so I wouldn’t get drenched in the slushy snow that was coming down.  I looked up and said… “well, it was a sunny 72 when I left home yesterday afternoon and I didn’t wear shoes most of the weekend, so yeah… this weather bites”.  Guess Spring hasn’t made its way to New York just yet.  Good thing I’m only here for a few days!

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