you? are the wind beneath my wings…

haha, I can’t even type that without giggling…

So… my absolute favorite part of owning and operating Cool Chicks is when I find out that other women are inspired by it!  In the last year, I’ve received emails, Facebook messages, and comments in person from women who have been inspired, read the Blog, liked the “Believe” concept, or wanted to contribute to Cool Chicks community postings. 

A girl I’ve known since she was a 8th grader on a Youth Mission trip, but who is now a young professional, sent me a note that she used the Couch-to-5K training program she found on my website to get herself back into a running routine. One of the most gorgeous girls I can remember from high school recently sent me a FB message to say that she was inspired by my posts about training for events and that pushed her to sign up, train, and complete her first half-marathon.  My sister-in-law emailed me one day last year to ask if I’d be willing to do the 39 mile Avon walk with her – the first time she has ever done any sort of event like that.  And those are just a few that I can remember off the top of my sleepy head right now.  So… how thrilled am I to be a part of something like that?  Heck, yeah!  I’m super stoked!!! 

I’m even more stoked to recently have my best girlfriend inspired to walk a half-marathon with me this year!  Woohoo!  She started walking recently to lower her blood-pressure, but then got the fever to do more…  So she’s using a modified version of Hal Higdon’s training program for a Half Marathon.  We’ve been bouncing texts and emails back and forth to try to find an event that we can do together (maybe Disney Princess, Nike Women’s, etc), but haven’t settled on anything yet.  She just threw out the idea tonight that we could probably meet up in Dallas some time soon and map out a long-mileage route to walk together as a motivator towards an actual event!  Possibly even get our husbands to set up cheer stations at a few mile markers throughout our route.  That would be a blast!  Oh, and then eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant, Chuy’s, to celebrate!  She’s really excited and her excitement is contagious!  Obviously, since I’ve gone into over-use of exclamation points!  Ha!!!!

I’ll keep you posted… but what are you up to?

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One Response to you? are the wind beneath my wings…

  1. Lori says:

    LOL!! You are definitely the wind beneath my wings, friend!!

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