love at first sight…

It’s true… I fell in love this weekend.  Madly, deeply, passionately in love… at first sight.  My husband knows… because it’s the house I’m nagging him to let me buy. 

Last week was our first official week as Savannah residents.  We no sooner got everything unpacked in our temporary apartment (I am a home-making queen!  that place is down-right freaking homey now!), then we were out driving around and found a house that I had viewed and saved online.  We called and asked about a showing and were able to see it within about 15 minutes… it’s gorgeous… my dream home.  I knew within 5 minutes of being inside that I want that house… I can picture family dinners, hosting friends from out of town, relaxing romantic evenings on the screened in patio… it’s a dream!

Unfortunately, it is also the one and only house we have looked at in the area and my husband thinks we need to look around some more. 

We’ve been debating about our housing options… We could live in a historic loft or house downtown and be able to walk to shops and restaurants on the weekend, but park on the street.  Or we could live on the beach and have the waves lull us into sleep every night, but have to deal with tourist traffic.  Or we could live in the ‘burbs near Erik’s office, where everything is new and has very little character.  Or we could live on one of the islands, which would put us half-way between the beach and beautiful downtown Savannah, but have a hodge-podge of houses surrounding us (100K house next to a 1.3 mill house, etc). 

Dilemma, dilemma… but I have to say it’s a nice dilemma to have.

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One Response to love at first sight…

  1. Heather says:

    Is it selfish of me to vote for the one that you can already see hosting friends from out of town in? Yes? Hmmmmm….

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