maybe clothes do make the (wo)man…

This month, I’m reading a book called “Mojo Makeover”.  I saw a review of it in Shape magazine a couple of months ago and it sounded like a fun book and a quick-read… so I loaded it on my Nook to carry me through all those longish flights I have every week. 

While most of the book is hokey and a little obnoxiously graphic, I did get a few things out of it… the most prominent thing was that I’ve forgotten to make myself look and feel sexy at home.  I dress up for work, but my husband rarely sees me in anything other than warm-up pants with a t-shirt, pajamas, or the occasional pair of jeans.  He has threatened on many occasions to fuel a bonfire for the entire neighborhood with my endless supply of warm-up pants, but somehow, the message was completely lost on me. 

I love comfy clothes, but I also want to look nice for my husband (and myself), feel sexy, and ooze confidence.  Warm up pants?  Not so much helping on that… Obviously, it was time for me to go shopping! 

I headed to the Hilton Head outlet mall a few weeks ago with a new shopping strategy.  I didn’t bother looking at price tags, I just grabbed stuff that I thought would be cute and tried them on.  When I had an outfit (or just a piece) on, I would look in the mirror and try to decide if it was something that made me feel attractive and sexy.  If it did, I would put it in one pile… if it didn’t, it went into another pile.  After I tried everything on, I went through the first pile and looked at prices to decide if I wanted to spend that much on it – forcing myself to not focus on just the price. 

See… I know that I typically shop based on what’s a good deal, so I end up getting home with stuff that doesn’t make me feel great, but it was a great price.  Since I don’t feel good in it, I end up wearing it only a couple of times before I toss it into a donation pile.  Simple math says I didn’t really save myself anything in the long-run by being thrifty with a piece I didn’t love and wouldn’t wear.

So anyway, I only said no to one item in that first pile due to price… I just couldn’t bring myself to pay $69 for a simple t-shirt!  I got home with two new work outfits, 4 new casual outfits, and a dressy beach outfit for our vacation in June.  Erik was thrilled to sit through the “fashion show” that did not include warm-up pants.  Ha!

The next week, we were wandering around the mall when I saw some swim-suits I really liked… I asked him to help me pick out what he thought was sexy/attractive and I ended up with a really cute tankini suit and a cotton skirt to throw on with it.  We popped into another store and he wanted me to try some cute sundresses because he loves me in dresses.  It was fun finding things that he helped pick out because it let him know that I care what he thinks about how I look and it made me feel good when I put something on and he flashed a big smile because he liked it.

I still love my warm-up pants and pajamas, but I also like feeling pretty in my new stuff (that is mostly comfortable anyway).

When’s the last time you bought something that made you feel sexy?

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