Sorry, kids… I took a brief break from blogging so I could focus on all the stuff going on the last couple of months.  It’s been crazy, hectic, scary, exciting, and has finally gotten more calm again… yay!

Here’s what’s going on in this cool chick’s world:

  • We closed on the sale of our house in Raleigh… which was a relief, but also really tough emotionally because we loved the house and loved our cul-de-sac family.
  • Our very dear friends in Raleigh moved away to Boston, MA with our “time-share” kids and we miss them terribly.
  • We moved to Savannah, GA into a temporary apartment on the unfortunate third floor… which meant a lot of trips up and down the stairs to walk our fur-baby dog three or four times a day.
  • I’ve been traveling every week to either Dallas or New York – facing lots of challenges in my new role as Project Manager, but learning a lot. 
  • My cool hubby has been rocking his new job back in Savannah and loves watching the daily progress of gazillion dollar jets being built two doors over from his office.
  • We bought our dream house (ie – the one 10 minutes from the beach with a huge screened-in back porch that overlooks a tropical forest) and had a nightmare moving experience that had the moving company still unloading boxes at 1:30am.  We do not expect to be invited to any neighborhood pot-lucks until the pain from that late and noisy night wears off.
  • We’ve been adjusting to small-town “island life” on our little island, three bridges over from downtown Savannah… driving through the marshes to get home is far more relaxing than we imagined – we love it!
  • I had a two-week project break that was perfect timing for me to focus on getting things unpacked, estimates provided for fences and painting, and purchasing $800 worth of lovely new linens for the house (whaaaaat? it was a necessary expense!).
  • I spent countless hours on our dreamy screened-in back porch, staring off into space and generally contemplating life during those two weeks… have I mentioned it’s dreamy?
  • We’ve explored the Savannah area like complete tourists (including a Ghost-story walking tour of historic downtown one sultry evening and several trips to area beaches).
  • I have worn out my GPS to find the shops and restaurants that will make our lives complete and have managed to find my way to the grocery store and the nearby Target with my eyes closed by now… priorities, kids.
  • We spent a painful two hours at the Savannah DMV last week to get our new driver’s licenses and cars registered with shiny new Georgia state tags.  My driver’s license?  Worst.picture.ever.
  • My youngest brother and sister-in-law were our first visitors over the holiday weekend… we ate yummy home-grilled food and Blue Bell ice cream and then all managed to get sunburnt at the beach.  Good time had by all.
  • I’m wrapping up my project in Dallas in the next few weeks and looking forward to either a closer commute with a couple of new opportunities that have come up or just taking the summer off to relax and get plugged into our new community.  I’ll make a decision on that in the next few days.
  • Two of my best girlfriends are joining me in Dallas this weekend to celebrate my birthday this Friday… woohoo!
  • My hubby and I will return to Raleigh in a couple of weeks so he can do the helicopter session that I bought for him as a Christmas gift and I can go to the Katy Perry concert with Heather… can.not.wait!!!  Teenage dream and Hummingbird heartbeat?  I’m so there!
  • We’ll spend a few days at our favorite beach in North Carolina that week… enjoying the familiarity and relaxation of a place we’ve been several times.  So looking forward to our ocean-view room, so I can be hypnotized by the waves each morning over my freshly brewed coffee.
  • Need to start fundraising and training for the Avon Breast Cancer walk I’ll be doing with my sister-in-law in Charlotte again this October.

So… what have you been up to lately?  And when are  you coming to visit?

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  1. Heather says:

    I can’t wait, either!

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