beach body…

So… we’re at our favorite beach in NC this week. 

Looking back at old blog posts, I remember that I was determined a few months ago to rock a bikini this summer.  Well, um… yeah… no bikini this summer, but I do have a cute new tankini – which is a far cry from the frumpy skirted suits that I’m seeing in masses on women my age these days.  Sheesh. 

Annnnnnyway…  After gawking at a few bikini-girlies on the sugary sand today, I felt pretty bummed that I didn’t reach my bikini-body goal for this trip.  The up-side is that it did motivate me to log into my account and finally register for Savannah’s Rock and Roll Half Marathon that will take place in early November!  Yay! 

Since I now live 10 minutes from the beach and we won’t really see cold winters where we are, I may be rocking a bikini on the beach some time before the end of 2011 after all…  Oh, and since I decided to take the summer off from work/travel, I plan to do this race for time.  There – I said it… bikini in November and you can check my time online.  If that doesn’t keep me motivated, I don’t know what will!

What will keep you motivated this summer?

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