sticky shoes…

Since I’m off for the summer, I’m reading… a lot.  Honestly?  If I could read for a living, I totally would. 

Anyway, the latest book I’m reading is “Run Like a Girl: How Strong Women Make Happy Lives”, by Mina Samuels.  The first chapter starts off with a bunch of bra-burning stuff about women in sports and the way they’ve been held back over the years by men’s athleticism.  Not being an athlete from way-back and not being a bra-burner myself, I endured that chapter and then moved on…  The proceeding chapters held lots of pearls of wisdom (which I will sprinkle on this blog in coming posts), but the one that struck me today is the following quote (after the author spends some time discussing a childhood practice of walking a wood beam in the neighbor’s yard and an unfulfilled promise from a friend’s father of “sticky shoes” to hold them on the beam). 

There have been times in life when I’ve longed for the equivalent of sticky shoes, that magic something to keep me balanced when life feels helter-skelter.  Is this marriage really meant to last forever? Can I forge a new career? Will I make friends in this unfamiliar place?…… There are no sticky shoes.  There is only us, finding our footing anew this year, this month, or even just today.

Nope, there are no sticky shoes in this world.  I face crummy situations all the time… and yet, I manage to find my footing every day (some days quicker/easier than others) and trust that at some point – I will be able to skip across that beam like Shannon-freaking-Miller!  I am strong, I am resilient…. and through it all, I will find my balance… without the use of some magical sticky shoes.

Oh – and if you heard strains of “I will survive” while reading this… rock on!

Love and light, girlies…

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