laughter is the best medicine…

Nothing can turn my rotten mood around like a few giggles, snort-laughs, and guffaws.  Scientists say that laughter not only lifts our mood, but also reduces stress, strengthens our immune system, and minimizes some physical pains.  I don’t know about all the science stuff, but I do know that it is wonderful for my mental health.  Possibly more beneficial to me than regular exercise (and I don’t sweat as much).  I absolutely love to laugh!  I love to surround myself with silly people who will laugh with and even at me… and love when I find someone who can keep me in stitches. 

I got an email from a particularly fun and silly girlfriend of mine last week with a link to a post by The Bloggess and the comment that she could totally see me doing something like this…  I read it and  almost peed my pants laughing because it was not only funny, but I could ABSOLUTELY see me doing something like that!  I laughed about that post for days.  Random snippets would pop into my head and I would get so tickled and prompt a memory of something similarly silly that I’ve done.

It also reminded me of a conversation Erik and I had during a long car-ride a while back….

After I left a really silly voicemail message for a girlfriend of mine:

E:  (eyes rolling, head shaking) you are crazy.

A:  yeah, but isn’t that what makes being married to me so much FUN?!

E:  (eyes still somewhat rolling) ummm, sure, sometimes.

A:  some times?  like what percentage of the time is it fun verses not fun?

E:   (staring at the road ahead) I’m not answering that one.

A:  would you say it’s 80/20 in favor of the fun?

E:  still not answering that one.

A:  I’m just looking for a number here… so 80/20?

E:  (still focusing only on the road ahead) sure.

A:  would now be one of the 20%?

E:  (eye roll) where do you want to eat lunch?


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4 Responses to laughter is the best medicine…

  1. Jen D. says:

    you absolutely crack me up!

    • coolchicksactivegear says:

      teeheehee… thanks for being the fun silly girlfriend who forwarded that to me! I might have to buy the little resin version of Beyonce!

  2. Heather says:

    You know how, sometimes, when you’re drunk. . .

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