just "tri" and stop me…

So… I woke up this morning – after only about 3 hours of sleep – and was determined to get back on the healthy-girl bandwagon.  I’ve been so under-the-weather lately and had a million excuses to keep me from getting back into a healthy routine.  Unfortunately, it’s really showing in my energy levels, waist-band, and moods… so I finally decided to do something about it.

Erik has been nagging me about skipping breakfast…  I know I need to make sure I’m having a decent breakfast that includes some protein to keep me from crashing within an hour.  I’ve just been so lazy and time slips away from me, so it’s noon before I even think about food and then I’m starving and want garbage.  Not a healthy plan for sure, right?  So this morning, I had vanilla Greek yogurt (lower in fat and higher in protein) with sliced strawberries and a glass of orange juice with my liquid vitamins mixed in.  Um, yum!

I sat in bed to enjoy my healthy breakfast, watch my husband get ready for work, and plan my workout strategy for the day.  I don’t know why this popped into my head since I have NEVER had the desire to participate in a Triathlon, but I realized that I could do a mini-Tri workout as my workout today.  Crazy, right?  Again… NEVER considered training for a Tri before and suddenly, I’m excited about doing a Tri simulation workout?  It must have been the lack of sleep.

I started telling my husband about it and getting more and more excited about it… I realized I could go to the 55 minute Spin class at the Y, do the mile loop around the gym a few times, and then end with some lap-swimming (and sunning) in the outdoor pool.  I got dressed in my workout gear, packed my swimsuit and towel, and headed out the door before I could come to my senses.

Okay, I am not a fan of bike riding.  I own a bike only because my husband loves to ride and I occasionally feel the need to perform my wifely duties and ride along with him.  So attending a Spin class had never really been high on my “yeah, that sounds cool” list of things to do.  But I was determined… which is good, since it took every ounce of my determination not to slide off that bike and curl into a cozy ball on the floor after about 15 minutes of insane sweating and having my butt permanently bruised by the bike seat!  It was not a stellar performance, but I managed to stick it out for the entire class and even got a genuine “good job” from the instructor.

My legs felt like rubber and my face was fire-engine red, so I walked slowly around the fitness center to let my heartbeat return to normal before I headed outside to do my mileage.  Now, I’d love to say that I ran those loops, but I didn’t… I honestly think I would have dropped to the ground after about five strides if I had tried to run right then.  So I walked a few miles on the paved and reasonably flat (and mostly palm-tree shaded) trail.  My sweat is apparently an intoxicating aroma to mosquitos because I was swatting those suckers away the whole time…  Next time?  I think I’ll try dosing myself in lavender oil to keep the bugs at bay!

On my final loop, I grabbed my bag and headed inside to shower and  change into my swimsuit.  Our Y has two outdoor pools… one for the kids and one that is divided into lap lanes.  Today, they only had 3 lanes open and they were all occupied, so I had to wait… which gave me a chance to get in, float around, and cool off.  I watched the kiddos play and the lifeguards rotate for a while before I finally got a chance to snag a lane.  My favorite stroke is the breast-stroke (that’s what she said – ha!), so that’s what I broke into as soon as I settled into my lane.  It’s different swimming laps in an outdoor pool vs. an indoor pool – you have to squint the sun out of your eyes and you don’t get the cool echoes of your own breathing when you’re outside.  Okay, and can I just tell you how tired my arms were after only about 5 laps?  Yeah, that’s going to hurt in the morning.  Oh, I don’t have a pic from the pool to post because there were too many kids around and I didn’t want to freak any parents out by accidentally snapping a photo of their kiddo streaking across in front of me. 

When I got out of the pool, I laid out on a lounge chair for a while with my eyes closed and a big smile on my face.  I did it… I did my Tri simulation workout.  Given that I have not done much in the way of pushing my body to be strong in several months, this was a really big deal… I felt so proud and excited that I seriously considered a trip to the party-supply store to purchase a “finisher’s medal” for myself to comemorate it.  I mean – how fun would THIS have been??? 

What did you “tri” today?

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