my day, by the numbers…

Oh yeah, it was a day like that…

2.5:  hours spent in the dentist chair with my mouth pried open

9:  dollars my large “Bahama Mama” daiquiri cost immediately following the dentist appointment

101:  temperature that registered on my car thermometer today at noon

23:  minutes it took for my yummy homemade mac-and-cheese to get bubbly enough to pull from the oven

3:  seconds it too me to burn the roof of my mouth on said bubbly mac-and-cheese

95:  cost of highlighting and hacking off nearly 3 inches of my hair so I’ll stop wearing a scrawny ponytail every day

12:  times I have whined about my butt hurting from yesterday’s spin class

8:  ibuprofen taken within the last 12 hours to kill the pain of some wicked cramps, dental work, butt hurting, and headache from wildfire smoke

199:  times I felt guilty about not getting in a good workout today because I felt like hammered hell

89:  temperature it was in our women’s study room this evening because the AC had been off all day

86:  temperature it was in the room two hours later, when the study ended

17:  old receipts I cleaned out of my junked-out purse today

2:  old receipts that I probably should have held onto

0:  pieces of mail worthy of me crossing the street to check our mailbox

Here’s to a better day tomorrow…

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