nice rack…

While we were at the beach last month, we had an amazing dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, Port Land Grille.  Given that we had actually showered and dressed up after several days of being sweaty and sandy on the beach, I wanted to get some pictures of us when we weren’t shiny and red.  I asked the waitress if she would mind taking a photo of us at our table and she was nice enough to oblige.  I am notorious for accidentally closing my eyes when near-strangers are snapping photos of us (seriously, seven freaking times in the horse-drawn carriage in Central Park), so I asked her if I could check it before she wandered off.  She handed over my camera and when I saw the photo, I practically shouted “ohmygosh!  my boobs look huge in this picture – awesome!” and then burst out laughing.  Classy, right?  But seriously… it looks like I’m smuggling a couple of freaking bowling balls in my dress!   No wonder Erik didn’t mind me ordering an expensive wine!

Note to me: burn that padded push-up bra immediately or consider a side-career as a Dolly Parton stunt-double!!


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