need a reality check on your body image?

Then you should spend a few hours at the beach near my house…

As I let my dog out for the 4th time today, I noticed that the outside thermometer read 88 degrees and I could feel a cool breeze.  As close as we live to the beach, I rarely think of going during the week, but that thought popped into my head today.  88 and breezy?  I could do that… So I loaded up and made the quick drive over the bridge to the beach.

As I settled into my beach-chair, I looked around me and started really noticing all the other people dotting the beach.  Round-bellied men who looked like they could drop triplets at any moment, pasty white boney women, old ladies riddled with varicose veins, young college kids awkward and insecure in their near-perfect bodies, young chubby girls squeezed in too-tight bikinis, etc.  Sure, there were a few gorgeous hard-bodies strutting around confidently, but mostly – the beach evens the playing field.

I rarely feel self-conscious in a bathing suit anymore, but today?  I felt glorious in my nicely fitting tankini… Even though I hate my
thighs and my arms, I felt relaxed and soo NOT self-conscious because the world is made up of people – all shapes and sizes – and we all
deserve a little relaxation on the beach.

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