most expensive beer of my life…

Ummm, so I guess you are not supposed to take glass containers (ie – beer bottles) onto the beach here in lovely Savannah… which I found out recently when I was given a big fat ticket for the two empty beer bottles that were laying innocently in an unfortunately clear trash bag next to our beach chairs when a beach cop happened to notice them.  I called to find out what the fee is going to be and they said (insert loud gasp here) $225!  I am going to show up for the court date and challenge the citation and hope that they’ll take pity on me being a new kid around here.  Otherwise, those two beers were THE most expensive beers of my life!

I – sadly – am a girl who loves beer… and I’m very particular about the beers I like.  I drink only unfiltered wheat beers like Blue Moon (my favorite), Shock Top, and Leinenkugel’s Sunset Wheat.  These beers?  Have always come in bottles…  So what’s a girl to do when she wants an ice-cold beer while vegging out on the beach?  Seriously!  Maybe if I explain that at court, they’ll wave the citation simply because I’ve made a stand for good beer.  Or not.

Anyway, as I recently mentioned to a group of ladies I was chatting with, the coolest (temperature) location in our entire Island is the beer aisle at Kroger.  I was grocery shopping one day and meandered over there just too cool off.  No, really… that’s totally why I was on that aisle!  So as I’m cooling off and perusing the beer selection, I noticed Blue Moon… in a CAN!  Score!  I haven’t had canned beer since last summer when I was practically force-fed a Coors Light at a bonfire party I went to (peer pressure is a terrible thing).  So I was mildly skeptical and bought some just in the interest of research.

thank you, Blue Moon manufacturers… you are on my Christmas card list this year!

I was pleasantly surprised at how good it still was… yaaaay!  And especially yay because this discovery came just in time for my friend, Heather, to come hang out on the beach with me.  Heather and I have a long history of Blue Moon moments, so it was nice that we were able to continue the tradition without fear of the beach gestapo (and another citation that would surely land me in jail).  You can’t see the Blue Man cans we consumed prior to this picture, but you can sense from our happy, sandy, salty beach smiles that we did – in fact – enjoy a few cans on the beach before dinner.

my head is not truly that much bigger than Heather’s… it’s the angle of the photo. work with me, kids.


In other news… look how freaking tan I am!  Yay for having the summer off!


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3 Responses to most expensive beer of my life…

  1. Heather says:

    We are so damn cute! Love the pic – thanks for the shout out

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