visualize… a chance to shop for new stuff!

Never underestimate the power of visualization… I know, it totally sounds flaky, but it works!  I’ve used visualization for years… in all areas of my life.  But most recently, as I struggle to get into a good training routine for the Savannah Rock and Roll Half Marathon, I’ve had to dig into my bag of tricks to get motivated.

I picture myself as an effortless runner (even if I’m huffing and puffing or hating my workout) and it seems to help me get through.  Often times it’s like flipping a switch to make me go from feeling miserable – to feeling good, happy, and strong.  I’ve also noticed that when I’m suited up in my favorite running stuff – the stuff that makes me look more like a runner – I actually perform better!  That?  Is awesome!  And that?  Is also a reason to go shopping… and what girl doesn’t love shopping?

We hit Fleet Feet last Saturday ( which was freaking packed, btw) and I got these new kicks:

This is my first pair of Brooks.  I usually go with Asics or Saucony, but these were recommended by the sales guy and when I put them on, it was like walking on a pillow (I’d say cloud, but that just sounds too corny).  You can’t really tell from the picture, but they have lots of reflective pieces on them and they’re accented with a peppy purple trim.

I also got a festive new Sweaty Band specifically for race day (the colors are black, hot pink, and teal):

I have hot pink running tops of all varieties, so depending on the weather that day – I could wear my tank, short sleeve, or long sleeve top to match my headband.  And all of my running shorts are black, so wa-lah… I will be “running pretty” for the Half on November 5th!

Have you bought any new fitness stuff lately?

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