ocd much?

If you know me at all, you know that I have borderline obsessive compulsive disorder…  Not like the people who have to flip light-switches on and off so many times when they enter or exit a room (bless their hearts), but I’m pretty neurotic about some stuff.  When I feel stressed, my greatest stress reliever is cleaning.  I think I’ve mentioned before, but when I was in college and it was finals time, I begged a particularly slobbish friend of mine to let me come over and clean her house to let off some steam.  I love having things lined up at correct angles in front of me… like on my desk at work, on coffee tables, etc.  Something about that stuff just soothes my poor little chaotic mind. 

Since we’ve moved into the new (and much larger) house, I pretty much shoved things in closets/drawers – promising myself to organize them later.  Well, I haven’t gotten to most of those closets or drawers yet (if I can’t see it, it doesn’t bother me as much), but something I noticed the other day – without even really doing it intentionally – is that I have all of my tank tops folded and stored in color groupings. 

And I have seriously stood there, staring at the arrangement of tanks in my drawer, and questioned if I was getting them in correct color order.  I mean – even looking at this picture, I’m not altogether sure that I don’t have the blues and blue-greens all completely wrong.  Oh yeah… it’s crazy like that.

I also spent nearly an hour the other day rearranging my pantry so that the cans were lined up squarely and in groups, with their labels all facing the same direction, etc.  Ummm, yeah.  Clearly, daytime TV isn’t what it used to be, right?  Or I’d be too distracted by Joanie loves Chachi to even consider such tasks.

Anyway, I was talking to a friend last weekend about some decorative touches I want to add to the bookshelves in the living room and she was teasing me about my obsession with having everything be aesthetically pleasing over being functional (or something like that).  We joked and laughed about it, but then she admitted that her books (of which she has MANY) are lined up in their shelves in Fiction alphabetical order and Non-Fiction alphabetical order.  She also mentioned that her spices are organized in alpha order.   You have to really admire someone with that much dedication. 

I guess we all have our own weird quirks like that… so, what’s one of yours?

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2 Responses to ocd much?

  1. Heather says:

    Confession: when I am eating cut up veggies, I have to have the same number of each and I eat them in order – If I get distracted (phone, conversation, cute guy entering the room) I will go back and count them so that I don’t get out of order –

  2. coolchicksactivegear says:

    bahaha! and this? is why we’re friends…

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