getting a little Nook(y)…

I am literally plowing through books these days… it’s mostly summer fluff-reading, but after several months of stressful projects, it’s a refreshing change to have such stress-free days of reading a Nook book in one sitting!   I like to think of it as getting a little daytime Nook(y)… heheheh.

So here’s what I’ve read so far this summer on my Nook:

  • Janet Evanovich’s latest – Smokin’ Seventeen:  Always a fun read!
  • Run Like a Girl, by Mina Samuels:  Love, love, love this book and would highly recommend it as a great empowerment tool for any woman!
  • The first five books in Gemma Halliday’s High Heels mystery series:  I just happened to stumble upon this series recently because the first book is only a buck to download.  The plots and writing style remind me of Janet Evanovich and these are equally entertaining.
  • The Summer of Skinny Dipping, by Young Adult author Amanda Howells:  I didn’t realize it was a YA book when I bought it, but it’s such a sweet story
  • Harlan Coben’s latest addition to the Myron Bolitair series – Live Wire:  I’ve soooo missed this series!  I love all of Coben’s books, but his Bolitair series has to be my favorite and he hasn’t published a new one in a few years.

I won’t take my Nook to the beach or the pool, so it’s been good to have a stock of actual books for those occasions.

I haven’t read all of these yet, but the most notable ones of the stack are:

  • Jen Lancaster’s laugh-out-loud first fiction novel, If You Were Here:  I have yet to read one of her books that I don’t find myself literally snort-laughing page-after-page!  Her blog is hilarious as well…
  • The Wildwater Walking Club, by Clair Cook (she also wrote Must Love Dogs – which was made into a movie):  Awesome story about a few women who bond over walking, goal-setting, and life’s ups and downs.  It made me want to round up my neighbors and make them start a walking club with me!
  • The Crystal Cave, by Mary Stewart is not something I would have otherwise read, but it was the book for June in my new book club and I didn’t want to start out by not reading the chosen book!  After 400 pages of Arthurian tales, I felt like I deserved a finisher’s medal!  But I’m glad I read it because the discussion we had afterwards was really interesting.

Oh!  That reminds me… I haven’t really talked about this new book club I’m in.  It’s an “adventure book club”, so… we read a book, meet to discuss it over drinks and snacks, and then plan an activity that goes along with the book.  Like for the Crystal Cave, the adventure was horseback riding (since they were constantly talking about their horses in the book).  How cool is that???  I can’t wait to hear what the adventure is going to be from last month’s book!

What are you reading?


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