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I’ve been total spaz-girl this summer about getting the house fully furnished and decorated before I start a new project in the Fall… so I’ve been shopping, painting, arranging, re-arranging, and finishing up little projects here and there for the last couple of months.  This week, I’ve had an especially productive week on the home-front… check it out.

I bought these big clear blown-glass table lamps for the living room… I originally planned to leave them empty, but realized they’re a bit top-heavy without anything in them (mind the wisecracks).  I’m trying to not go overboard on the beach-themed stuff in the house (which is hard to resist!), but I kept coming back to the idea of beach sand to weigh it down and shells mixed in to add interest.  So I filled a big bag with local beach sand, bought some small shells at Target, and picked up a sand-toy sifter and shovel at Walgreens.  and I was finally ready for my project.

After sifting and pouring, *gently* dropping the shells in, and replacing the shades, this is what they look like back in the living room:

Next project was replacing all of the outdated nasty brass door knobs with brushed nickel ones throughout the house.  Hubby and I did the exterior knobs/handles together last weekend, but I was on my own for replacing the interior ones.  Luckily, I already had plenty of practice from replacing the ones in our house in Raleigh.  Of course, this house is almost twice the size of that one, so double the door knobs… ugh.  I kept tossing the old ones in this box as I was working and then cracked up because I realized I had a “box of knobs”.  Ummm, yeah… a bit slap happy from running the electric screwdriver for a few hours.

And the project I currently have in-process is to crop and order some of Erik’s architectural detail black and white photos.  One of my coworkers in Dallas is married to an interior designer (and she’s a hoot!), so I emailed her a picture of my bare-walled dining room to ask for some suggestions.  She had a couple of ideas that she sent me, but my favorite one was this grouping of six framed black and whites in white frames:

Love it!  We already have several of Erik’s photos hanging around the house, but it’s still neat to have more of his work decorating another room.  I already have the frames and just need to finish cropping the photos and ordering them in 8×10 size, but they’ll go grouped on this back wall when I have them ready:

So that’s what I have going on right now, but still lots of projects to do… need to hire a painter to re-paint every square inch of this joint, replace a couple of janky ceiling fans, glass-tile over the brick in the fireplace, organize and decorate my scrapbook room, clean up the garage, etc, etc.  But we’ll get all that knocked out before the holidays this year and be able to sit back and enjoy it.

What home projects do you have going on?

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3 Responses to home projects…

  1. I love the photos over the sofa. I’m still in the process of slowly furnishing my large home…it’s a work in progress. I think the next step will be buying a matress to fill an antique wrought iron frame and working on decorating one of the spare rooms.

    • distance chick says:

      ours will be a work in progress for a lonnnng time… we just finally settled on a computer hutch tonight to put in the nook off the living room. good luck with your decorating!

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