ready?!?! OKAY!

We got spirit, yes we do… we got spirit, how ’bout you?!?!  Haha!

I was on a few weeks ago, looking for a good kickboxing Wii game… when I happened upon this one as a “suggested” item for me:

I explained to Erik that I couldn’t just ignore the suggestion… it would be almost rude!  So I added it to my (now bulging) shopping cart and checked out before he could talk me off the ledge.  A couple weeks later, the game(s) arrived in the mail and I declared Wii-mania in our house that night to try out all the new stuff. 

Okay, seriously?!  How is my 6’4″ husband a better cheerleader than I am?  I think the game is rigged to favor height over agility because I’m pretty sure I ROCKED those routines!  Well, as much as a nearing-middle-age klutz girl could be expected to rock it anyway…  But yeah, it’s a fun game for sure!  I think we probably burnt as many calories laughing at each other and the Wii characters as we did actually performing the routines.  In the end, Erik beat me… by a long shot (again, it’s totally rigged).

I also just got a new Zumba game… haven’t tried it (or even a Zumba class) yet, but it looks like fun and some of my equally coordination-challenged girlfriends are big fans of it, so I figured it was worth trying!

What’s your favorite Wii game?

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4 Responses to ready?!?! OKAY!

  1. Lori says:

    We totally have to play that next time we’re together!

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