lost in life…

I swiped this picture from a FB friend this morning…

I love-love-love everything about it and will most likely print and frame it for my desk, but I flat-out laughed my ass off when I read the statement “Getting lost will help you find yourself”.   I instantly thought “yeah – find yourself really freaking frustrated!”.  Because um… I get lost almost on a daily/hourly basis.  No lie – I took the wrong turn going to the bathroom at the office this morning and got stuck in a hallway that’s locked at both ends and then had to wait until someone rescued me (thank GOD they didn’t realize I was stuck and that I hadn’t started crying yet).  How do these things happen to me?!  Ha!  Anyway, I’m getting off-topic. 

Ahem, yeah, so I was taking exception with the statement “Getting lost will help you find yourself” until I gave it some thought at a deeper level.  [note: perhaps the patchouli from last night’s bath oil is causing a few trippy side effects – shut up.] 

I think we all experience periods in our lives when we feel lost…  Maybe we’ve stumbled onto the wrong path or just don’t know how we got to where we are.  While those periods are typically not without pain and frustration, I find that I learn so much more about myself on the road to getting “un-lost”.  Things like – what motivates me, how I interact with other people, what I really want out of life, what I’ve overcome, what I can do differently, etc.  So I guess I really do “find myself” every time I get lost. 

Man, I should be SO freaking found by now!


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