Chicago week 1…

So these are a few things that really made the week for me:

  • I am surrounded by adorable yummy cupcake shops – all within walking distance of my hotel.  I popped into Sprinkles one night and picked up a vanilla cupcake with chocolate icing.  It was so freaking good!
  • I bought a “scoop” of bath ice cream from the spa in my hotel and enjoyed a long liesurely bath in my soaking tub one night… then wrapped up in the fluffy robe and slippers they provide to enjoy a glass of wine on my balconette.
  • The weather was pretty gorgeous all week, so I was able to do a lot of walking around downtown to get some fresh air.  Our hotel is located very near the lake-front, so I got over there to walk in the evenings a couple of times.  Lots of people-watching opportunities and views back onto the city.
  • Scott arrived in Chicago Tuesday night, so we met in the hotel bar for a mini project reunion of me, Scott, Farhad, and Chris. After reminiscing about the old days and re-living a lot of laughs, we got a picture of the four of us toasting with our drinks so Chris could send it on to some of the other guys from that project.
  • Towards the end of the week, I realized that I am within walking distance of a Trader Joe’s… YAY!!!  I’ll make that one of my first stops next week to get some stuff for breakfast and lunches.

Not at all bad for a first week…

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