biker babe…

So… the first and last time I was on a motorcycle was about 30 years ago.  I was fresh out of the tub and in my pajamas and was goaded by my teenage cousin into going for a ride with her boyfriend.  I was petrified.  See, my oldest brother has a huge “V” shaped scar on one of his arms from a motorcycle accident he had when I was maybe 4.  In the years following his accident, my Mom had always talked about motocycles as though they were death-traps.  So – here I was… 9 years old, scared to death, and holding on for dear life.  I was just about to relax when this teenage kid took a corner so fast that we were almost parallel with the road.  Um, yeah… we didn’t wreck, but I almost peed my pants.  I walked wobbly-legged away from his motorcycle that night and have steered clear of them since.

My husband, however, loves motorcycles.  He had one when we got married and sold it about 6 months after the wedding (of his own choice, thankyouverymuch).  Over the years, I’ve caught him staring wistfully at motorcycles on the road and have told him to get one if he wanted it.  Each time he asked if I would ride it with him and each time I said “not on your life, buster”.  So he just blew it off all those years.

He turned 40 last year… and finally bought a motorcycle.  Not just any motorcycle, but the fastest one out there – a beautiful red Italian Ducati. 

Erik's Ducati... or as I now call it "Sex on two wheels"

He brought it home and within days, my girlfriends were all gushing about how hot Erik looked on the bike, and that if I wasn’t going to get on for a ride… they would form a line at our garage for their turn.  Now… you would think that foxy-mommas drooling over my husband would have prompted me to be willing to go, but no… fear won out and he’s driven it – alone – for almost a year. 

I finally suggested a few months ago that we should buy an extra helmet in the unlikely event that I could work up the nerve… or in case someone visiting wanted to go for a ride (GA is a helmet-law state).  The helmet arrived in the mail one sunny day and has sat in our dark and lonely garage for over a month… until last weekend – when  I decided I wanted to go for a ride. 

oh sure, my head is safe, but this helmet gives me chipmunk cheeks!

my personalized helmet... meow.

We’re about 6 miles from the beach and the drive is pretty easy and scenic, so that’s the trip we chose for my “maiden voyage”.  I was really nervous at first, but he’s a safe driver and took it easy on the speed so that I was mostly able to relax and enjoy it.  It was actually fun… the noise and vibration of the bike, coupled with the wind whipping around us… very cool and kinda sexy-feeling.  I can’t say I’m ready to start taking long trips on it, but I am definitely looking forward to more rides like that one!


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2 Responses to biker babe…

  1. Deb says:

    Woohoo! Way to go wild woman!

  2. coolchicksactivegear says:

    haha, how did I know that you would appreciate this post? you’re the wild-woman…

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