blown away…

Have you been watching the progress of Hurrican Irene?   I most definitely have… 

Aside from the fact that Irene was my paternal grandmother’s name (who was a human hurricane herself), Hurricane Irene is headed just slightly past my coastal home in Savannah on Saturday morning.  We expect strong winds and heavy rain, but nothing too scary for us there.  Unfortunately, she’ll then slam into my adopted home state of North Carolina some time on Saturday evening.  I heard this morning that they are evacuating some of my favorite locations in North Carolina… Wrightsville Beach just outside of Wilmington and the prettiest little island in the Outer Banks – Ocracoke.  It breaks my heart to think that these amazing locations could suffer tremendous damage and never have the same natural beauty that they had before, but I guess I’m also feeling blessed that I was able to experience them in all their glory already.

Take cover all you gals in the storm’s path… I’ll be praying for you and that gorgeous state of ours!


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