retail therapy…

I did some retail therapy after work last night and shopped along the Magnificent Mile in Chicago…  I’m rarely in the mood to shop for beauty products, but last night – I totally was!  So I took the opportunity to stock up on some new goodies…

I love-love-love Origins products!  I have used their charcoal mask for years and originally planned to get a tube of that for my hotel stash, but the sales guy (Gonzo) talked me into this other Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief mask that would exfoliate, help with the redness in my skin-tone, and rehydrate me.  Because I’m a suckah for a good sales-pitch, he also talked me into the new High Potency Night-a-Mins vitamin-rich night cream.  I put the spending brakes on when he tried to add some other products to my basket, but he gave me a couple of samples to check out.   I got back to the hotel and tried out my new mask right away… 

It doesn’t go on as thick or harden like the clay mask I’m used to, but man… my skin felt amazing after I washed it away!  

My sister-in-law turned me onto Aveda products a long time ago and I’ve used their scents, hair products, and candles for years… I have a couple of cheap candles that I keep in my travel kit, but they’re not exactly pampering candles, so I picked up a couple of Aveda Rainforest scented refills (I have holders at home that I can bring back with me next week) for my nights of soaking in my hotel tub or enjoying a glass of wine…  Oh, and since I’m trying to cut back on coffee, I picked up a box of their tea that is naturally sweetened by peppermint root.  You really should try this stuff… Yum! 

And lastly, I decided (on the chilly and rainy day yesterday) that I needed a new winter scent.  The perfume I’ve been wearing since January, Incanto Charms, is too light and floral for the winter months.  I wanted something with more of a musk scent, but not too heavy.  The Givenchy rep was promoting a lovely new perfume at Macy’s tonight – Ange Ou Demon Elixer (something about being kind and evil at the same time… how appropriate for me – ha!).  She let me try it out and it was so yummy smelling on me… I bought the smaller bottle since it’s just for the winter and she loaded me up with a bunch of freebies – a mini version of the perfume, flip-flops with some other Givenchy samples, a black leather Givenchy bag, and a white leather mini-toiletry bag with still MORE samples… score!

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