macgyver purse…

I have not always carried a large purse.  In fact, I fluctuate purse size like Oprah fluctuates pant size… big, little, medium, big, little, big.  For the last 5 months, I’ve been carrying a large pewter colored slouch bag that I bought in New York because it’s great for travel.  I can fit so much into it, but still tuck it under the plane-seat in front of me without sacrificing much leg-room (unlike my carry-on bag).  The unfortunate draw-back to carrying a large purse is that the universal purse rule is that things will expand to fit the size that you carry… so I end up with tons of junk in my purse after just a few weeks because – well, it fits in there.  I have to occasionally dump out the contents to get it cleaned out.

I was doing just that last weekend when Erik walked by and did a double-take.  After a moment of slack-jawed awe, he asked “who are you – Macgyver? what do you need with all that junk?!”. 

I scrunched my brows and looked back at my purse contents scattered all over the kitchen counter and realized that yep, given the right motivation – I could probably make some sort of bomb and/or industrial fork-lift out of all that stuff.

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