happy “Friday”!

Okay, yeah… it’s not actually Friday if you want to get all I’m-checking-the-calendar-and-it’s-really-Thursday on me, but given that I work Monday through Thursday… it is SO my Friday!   TGI”F”!

I just spent the last hour reading hilariously snarky blogs to pass the time until it’s 5pm and I can finally head to the airport.  (longest!day!ever!)  As I was giggling my way through cyber-space, I hit upon a few blog posts that made me smile because they were all about happiness… focusing on those things each day that make you happy.  I’m also reading a book called “The Happiness Project” (we really must discuss) that has me thinking about that emotion as well… so here are some things that are making me happy today:

  • I will be able to crawl into my very own bed with my husband approximately 8 hours from now.
  • After my hotel misplaced the coffee mug I brought from home (seriously? how does that even happen?), they returned it to me this morning filled with yummy treats.  (crappy photo emphasizes my lack of caffeine this morning)

  • We leave for our California vacation on Saturday… I will finally get to see the house where Erik grew up in Long Beach, snap a photo of the Hollywood sign, gawk at celebrities in LA, and enjoy a “backroad” wine tour experience in Santa Barbara.
  • Assuming there is not a sudden flood of people flying from Chicago to Savannah tonight, I will have an entire row to myself for my napping pleasure… yaaaay, nap.
  • My new pink rolling bag that goes in all directions – so much easier to maneuver this sucker around the airport and onto a plane!
  • I have two UPS packages waiting for me at home… one that has 4 new cozy sweaters and one that has a new workout DVD, the Bruno Mars CD, and the book everyone has been raving about – The Help.  All just in time for vacation!

What are you happy about today?

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