I’ve been to the Biggest Loser Ranch! (or – how I almost got arrested for B&E on vacation)

Okay, so remember how I mentioned in my last post that we made a detour between L.A. and Santa Barbara last week to cruise past the Biggest Loser Ranch?  We’re big fans of the show (ie – it’s the ONLY show we absolutely don’t want to miss each week) and since Erik is from CA, he looked up the location on Google Maps (have I mentioned his quirky addiction to Google Maps?  No?  okay, cool).  He did this really complicated triangulation thing to figure out where it was and how to get to it, etc.  So when we scheduled our trip, he mentioned that we’d be driving very near the Ranch.  I – being the stalker spaz that I am – begged for that little detour.  He’s a pretty good-natured guy, so he agreed.

We were really only expecting to see some buildings through a gate and lots of trees/shrubbery… maybe.  But as it turns out, we found a turn-in marked for “BL Trucks” and “Crew”.  The road wasn’t blocked or anything, so we drove right in like we belonged there.

I had mentally prepared a really elaborate explanation of us being abducted by aliens and then dropped on this very road in the event that someone stopped us and wanted to know what the heck we were doing there.  But that wasn’t even necessary because we were able to drive pretty freely around the entire campus.  We pulled up to the gym and noticed that the door was open.  I quickly rationalized to Erik that Bob was probably in there and would LOVE to meet a few fans of the show.  He kept the car idling on the roadside for a quick get-away while I sneaked my way up to the gym.

I walked nervously inside, only to find a completely dark and empty gym… Bob was nowhere to be found.   I stepped back out on the porch and waved for Erik to come inside (his camera is better than mine), so he locked the car and meandered up the hill to join me.  I was so giggly and excited that I kept saying “can you believe we’re in the gym?  in! the! gym!!!” over and over again while he snapped some photos.

Just as we were about to wander into other parts of the gym (hoping to see the scale!), we noticed someone walking up the hill towards the gym… we were soooo busted!  So we took a deep breath and walked out to face our scolding.  It was a crew-member who noticed our car parked illegally and suggested (very kindly) that we come on out of the building and move the car.  We stopped and chatted with him for a while… he’s been with the show for 5 years and can’t imagine doing anything else.  He said the contestants were off “getting manicures and pedicures” – their makeover trip to New York was cancelled due to the hurricane.  So – because we’re big fans of the show – we figured out that they were down to 5 contestants at this point.  How exciting!  He said we were free to wander around the grounds since they weren’t filming (it’s actually a public park), but we needed to move the car.

We wandered around a bit more, snapping a few pictures of the pool and cabana area…

And then we were back out on the main road, on our way to Santa Barbara… where we had In-n-Out Burger for lunch.  Oh shush!

 Biggest Loser Season 12 premiers on Sept 19th at 8pm EST… will you be watching???

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8 Responses to I’ve been to the Biggest Loser Ranch! (or – how I almost got arrested for B&E on vacation)

  1. Jen D. says:

    i’m SOOO giddy! you are such a skilled stalker.

    i so wish Bob had been there so you could have described just how much of a spazzy ass you would have made of yourself. LOL! i think i would cry if i saw him. and grace him with many hugs….as security dragged me from his body. the pics are great. i also wish you could have gotten a glimpse of a contestant or two so we could have some insider info on who is left!

    i have seen every second of every BL episode so i canNOT wait for the premiere!

    • distance chick says:

      I have mad-stalking-skills… 😉 I probably would have peed myself a bit if Bob had been there… seriously – can you imagine? I ADORE him and his taut little tattoo’d bod!

  2. LOLOL! That is so awesome! Not sure I would have had the guts to just walk in but it’s nice that they were really cool about it. It is too bad you didn’t get to meet any contestants, but what a great experience! 🙂

    • distance chick says:

      I’m actually shocked that they don’t offer tours of the ranch when they’re between tapings… can you imagine how many people would sign up for that? I definitely would have paid for a tour!

  3. Jen D says:

    um…don’t even get me started on how adorable, precious & hot Bob is. all his tattoos. and his smile. yum.

    and your stalking skills. you KNOW i realize just how good those skills are. i wouldn’t have you in my life if it wasn’t for your mad skillz. haha.

  4. Jen D. says:

    the new guy is super hot! yum!

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