they’ve got me surrounded… with cheetos.

In my real-life profession, I do project-work.  That means that I go to a company and help them implement or optimize their SAP system (blahblahblah) for a set period of time.  It’s usually intense work, stressful, and time-sensitive… so what do people do in times of stress?  They eat.  Or toilet-paper peoples’ houses… but mostly eat.

The companies I’m  working for generally want to keep their employees happy and IN THE OFFICE, so they provide drinks, snacks, breakfasts, lunches, etc… all! the! time!  At any given moment, I am literally surrounded with chips, candy, and sugary sodas.

This company is actually more health-conscious than previous companies I’ve worked with… they have more bottled waters than sodas, baked chips, fruit snacks, etc.  But still… even that stuff can add up and act as a “gateway snack” that ends in an icecream-sandwich-a-day habit.  Or so I’ve heard…

One of my projects a few years ago brought in greasy breakfast sandwiches, pizza lunches, and heavy dinners every single day… had a freezer stocked with icecream bars… a fridge full of sodas… a full-sized commercial popcorn popper… and endless amounts of chocolate candy EVERYWHERE.  Oh – and then there’s the after-work dinners and drinks… because people also drink like fishes on these projects.  It’s actually pretty common for people to pack on weight as the project gets close to the end… longer hours, more stress, and unfortunately – more food.

So what’s a girl to do if she doesn’t want to start wearing a boat-tarp as a dress?  I’m drinking tons of water (seriously, tons), bringing grapes and baby carrotts to snack on, and trying to imagine cockroaches have crawled all over the snacks and candy during the night… it’s creepy, but it’s working so far!

Are you surrounded by food at work?

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2 Responses to they’ve got me surrounded… with cheetos.

  1. Deb says:

    You say ice-cream-sandwich-a-day like it’s a bad thing! Calcium, we need calcium!

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