So… I have two distance events breathing down my neck in the next couple of months – the Avon 39.3 mile walk for Breast Cancer the weekend of October 22nd and the Savannah Rock and Roll Half Marathon on November 5th.  I signed up for both of these events months ago with the intention of training really hard, but that hasn’t happened.  I let work, traveling, house projects, and my wimpy ankle (still healing from that silly sprain back in December!) get in the way of my plans.

I’ve considered dropping both events since I’m not as prepared as I’d like to be (truly, I don’t need to be humbled by my athletic limitations any more than I already am!).  I’ve built up excuses in my head, considered selling my race-bib, and tried to justify why it would be better for me to not participate in either event.  I could still go and cheer people on and wouldn’t that be better than me taking a beating on the course myself?  I could sign up for another event a few months from now and really buckle down to train hard for that… etc, etc.

I was out walking around in Chicago last week and walked past a Lululemon store that had this sign on the window:

This totally jumped out at me because I am a deadline kind of chick.  I do my best work under pressure – as I get down to the wire.  When I did the Nike Women’s Half in San Francisco, I trained hard-core in the two months before the event and felt amazing all 13.1 miles on race day.  But if I don’t have a deadline, I will procrastinate and blow off doing anything.  I wish I could be one of those girls who just loves to exercise, but I’m not… I do it because I really need to and then – usually only with a specific goal in mind.

So as I continued my walk that night, I let those thoughts tumble around in my head.  I realized that if I dropped out of my upcoming events, I would do nothing… I wouldn’t use the time to re-gain my previous fitness level or just exercise for the sake of moving my body.  I would probably chill on my sofa and dream about accomplishing stuff, but not really get there.  I need deadlines to turn my dreams into goals… goals that remind me that I’m stronger than I think I am, both in body and mind.

I may not give it my best performance, but I will be there to walk those miles with my sister-in-law next month and to run/walk/crawl those miles for the Half the following month… and I’ll just be glad that I had those deadlines to force me into getting off my butt.

Have you set any goals recently?

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2 Responses to deadlines…

  1. Good for you in sticking with your goals! And I love the quote by the way. I have a 1/2 marathon at Disney in a week and a half that I’ve done very little training for and considered not doing myself. However, I’ve never quit a race yet…doing Crossfit has kept me in shape for it but to avoid shocking my body I finally ran 8 miles last Sunday and intend on doing some interval training during the week and running another 8 next Sunday. Then I have a 12 mile for the Tough Mudder in December. I had considered running the Rock N Roll Marathon in St. Pete in Feb but figured I’d see how I felt later this year. I’ve ran one marathon before and missed my goal time by 4 minutes…on the other hand, how badly I want it is yet to be determined. Good luck! Can’t wait to hear how the races go — especially what you think of the Rock N Roll Marathon Series!

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