crossfit’s fight gone bad…

Have you guys heard of Crossfit?  They’re all over the country and apparently provide a bad-ass workout that is rumored to be totally addictive…  I’ve never been, but have become more and more interested as I’ve listened to a friend rave about loving the workouts.

A couple of weekends ago, all of the Crossfit locations held a fundraising fitness competition called Fight Gone Bad to benefit “31 Heroes” (I absolutely love tying fitness events with fundraising – everybody wins with that formula!).  It was a public event, so we went downtown to check it out.

The workout was spread around multiple stations, with participants of all shapes, ages, and fitness levels moving from station to station with their scorekeeper…

The banner they posted in the competition area says it all – it didn’t look the LEAST bit easy!

There were lots of fun shirts out there, but this was one of my favorites:

We arrived curious, but left inspired… in fact – I can’t wait to check out their “intro” session some Saturday morning!  Woohoo!

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One Response to crossfit’s fight gone bad…

  1. You should definitely give CF a try! I’ve been going for the past year and it’s truly my addiction. My gym (a.k.a “box”) did Fight Gone Bad — nationwide they raised 2.2 million dollars with FGB (which they do twice a year). Looking forward to improving my score of 220 at the St. Patty’s Day FGB in the spring.

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