my dining room might be famous…

One of the blogs that I read on a semi-regular basis is Design Mom.  I absolutely LOVE her style – in writing and design, but mostly – in living!  A month ago, I spent an entire day stalking her archived posts about moving her family of six from Denver, CO to France for a year… because they could.  I adore ideas like that.  Erik and I have frequently considered moving to Italy for an extended period and either continuing our current careers remotely or doing something completely different.  Live bold…

Anyway, you guys may remember that I’ve been wearing myself (and my very patient husband) out with all the house projects – furnishing and decorating a much larger house with a less eclectic style than what we’ve always had before.  I am currently in a love-hate relationship with my dining room.  I love the space itself, the funky chairs, and the huge table… but am not completely satisfied with the light fixture and am at a loss about wall-decor.  I thought I had it all figured out with this idea, but when we attempted a mock-up, it just didn’t thrill me.  So for the last several weeks, I’ve been searching high and low for ideas… because nothing would make me a happier girl right now than to be d-o-n-e with that room.  Correction – I don’t want to just be done, I want to be done and happy with the results as well.

So I went back to Design Mom‘s blog, searching through some of her posts for design inspiration, when I noticed that she had an “Ask Design Mom” page… a vehicle to ask her specific design questions.  Woohoo!  I immediately sent off an email with a pic of my space attached.  I honestly figured that she would be flooded with emails from lazy girls like me who are hoping to mooch free design advice and that my email would end up in a black hole.  I had actually almost forgotten about it until I received an email from Gabrielle this morning, letting me know that she had posted my question and a response on her blog last week.

I’ve been swamped this last week and haven’t made the rounds to my usual blogs (including my own), so had completely missed it… but I took a quick peek this morning and was tickled to see she had even posted the pic of my room!  She has quite a large readership, so it almost feels like my dining room might be kinda famous now… ha!  Check out her post and the resulting comments here!

Isn’t she fabulous?

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2 Responses to my dining room might be famous…

  1. Jen D. says:

    HOW EXCITING! i love all the comments from strangers…with some really good ideas!!! can’t wait to see what you decide!

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