warning: doctor appointment related rant…

So Thursday… I had my annual girlie exam, followed by a mammogram.  I never look forward to either one of these, but especially when I have to go to a new doctor.  This year, I had to randomly select a nurse-practitioner from the one and only practice that is within network for my health insurance.  I knew it was going to be luck of the draw, but I didn’t realize how crappy my luck was going to turn out to be.

Walking into the office that morning, it was a complete zoo!  It was crowded, disorganized, and chaotic…  The receptionist didn’t hand me the paperwork to fill out until 10 minutes AFTER my appointment time and then, handed me another set of paperwork for my medical history only 2 minutes before I was called into the exam room (30 minutes after my appt time and 45 minutes after I had arrived).  The nurse was frazzled and rushed me through all my vitals.  The NP didn’t even knock before entering the room while I was changing into the gown and then she rushed through the exam with all the sensitivity of a rhinoceros.

To spare you the graphic description of how the exam actually went, suffice it to say that a horny teenage boy would have been a smoother-operator than that woman.  She didn’t read through the medical history I had hurriedly scribbled out, never asked me if I had any concerns that needed addressing, didn’t offer any suggestions regarding the concerns I did blurt out, and she literally shrugged at one point during the appointment as though I had baffled her.  Really?!  Reaaaaallly?!  When I first checked in, they gave me a form that showed the cost of the office visit should my insurance decline to pay for it… $247.  That number popped into my head as I was walking out of the office, shell-shocked.  Honestly?  At that price, I felt like one of those old perv guys who gets suckered into paying $9.99/minute for phone sex with a 400 pound bearded lady!  What a rip-off!

My mammogram appointment was much better… I mean as good as having your boobs smashed between cold metal can be.  The tech was really sweet, very patient, chatted politely with me as she was moving my rack around for just the right angle, and apologized for the pain she was inflicting (even though it’s really her job to do that).  I was so relieved, I literally almost cried.  I told her about the appointment I had just walked out of and she was horrified.  I asked her if she had any doctor recommendations, but sadly – they’re not allowed to refer patients.  She did tell me who she goes to and assured me that although it would require a bit of a drive for me, I would be treated much more graciously than what I had just experienced.

I realize that working in the medical field can’t be easy…  Dealing with sick, whiney, cranky people most of the time?  Personally, I couldn’t do it.  Aside from the fact that I don’t have that kind of grace or patience, I get completely skeeved out by any medical stuff at all – even my own.  But for those who are in the field… and especially those dealing with such sensitive areas (like lady-parts), shouldn’t you consider being a bit less of a jackass?  I mean, SERIOUSLY!

Thank goodness I don’t have to think about those appointments again for another 362 days!

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2 Responses to warning: doctor appointment related rant…

  1. Alissa says:

    Hey Amanda – I am dreading scheduling my appointments here in Knoxville for that very reason!!!

    • distance chick says:

      I haven’t really been thrilled with a doctor since I left Tulsa… had the BEST ob/gyn there – she was so cool and took her time with you, never rushed. Why can’t more doctors be like that?! Good luck in your doc-search!

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