yummy food delivery…

This?  Is so freaking awesome that I can not even stand it… I just hope it doesn’t turn out to suck in the end – haha!

So, you all know that I am currently commuting to Chicago, IL for work every week, right?  And will be doing so for the next 11 months?  Yeah, I know… shush.

One of the toughest things about this arrangement (other than being away from home) is trying to eat healthy.  As part of my contract, I get a ridiculous daily expense amount for food, so the automatic inclination is to go willlld in this big city of rocking-good-food and have big fat amazing meals every single day.  Unfortunately, that’s not the best thing for my weight or my general health…

I’ve been trying to make adjustments here and there for the last month – I buy Greek yogurts for breakfast, pick up salads for lunch, and occasionally eat a frozen dinner in my room in the evening.   Yep, it’s as boring and lame as it sounds… and the thought of this same routine for 11 months is not the least bit appealing, so something needs to change.

My work BFF is also trying to be more health-conscious – in order to be speedo-ready for his wedding in Hawaii this Spring… so we were comparing notes today and he remembered that his brother-in-law (who lives here in Chicago) used a healthy food delivery service a couple of years ago and raved about the awesome food.  Good guy that he is, my BFF went back through his email archives to find the website for the service his bro-in-law used…

[note that a google search actually returned like a gazillion healthy food delivery services in downtown Chicago… how much does being in a big city rock?!]

Website in hand, I was still pretty skeptical because I figured that bad-ass low-calorie (organic) food would probably cost me my retirement account or something more… but I checked out the site, registered for an account, and started “shopping”.  What I found quite quickly was that (a) this food sounded way better than anything I had eaten recently (b) the prices were quite reasonable for fresh-never-frozen food and (c) the calorie counts were amazingly low!

Because I typically come in early Monday mornings and fly home Thursday nights, I figured that the realistic plan for me is 3 breakfasts (T, W, Th), 3 lunches (T, W, Th), and 3 dinners (M, T, W).  So I’ll grab a yogurt on my way into the office on Monday mornings, walk over to the kitchen to pick up my weekly meals during lunch on Monday (and stop off for a greek salad at Roti – yum!), and I’m set for the remaining meals that I’ll have in town.

So… this is what I ordered for next week… all for a total of approximately $120 (after tax) – far less than my food expense allowance for three days – woohoo, bank!

Yep, some meals might go to waste because I’ll feel last-minute peer-pressure to go to lunch or dinner with friends/coworkers… but mostly – I’ll have something appealing to keep me from caving every single time.

This yummy and affordable menu means I’ve scheduled approximately 1600 calories per day – waaaay under what it would take for me to show a steady weight-loss.  Yaaaay!

Can you tell that I’m really excited about this new development in my commuting lifestyle?!


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