kayak: 1, me: 0… ow.

We had amazing weather in Savannah this weekend…  The forecast actually said “abundant sun” (not just sun, but ABUNDANT sun!) for Sunday with a lovely temperature of 78 degrees.  That?  Is perfect weather for a day of kayaking!

We really didn’t do a whole lot of planning for this trip.  After lazing around with coffee and donuts, we started packing our “emergency kayaking supplies”.  I grabbed sunscreen, insect repellent, and a towel.  Erik grabbed a bag of sour jelly beans and a couple of waters.  Um, clearly, we should practice our emergency supply packing, yeah?  [We have since established that a bag of jelly beans is not sufficient food supply and next time, we would pack a huge picnic lunch]

Packed and ready, we headed out…  The marina is literally just a bridge-length from our house, so we were their first customers of the morning. We had originally planned to rent a couple of single kayaks, but the owner talked us into a double instead.  He reasoned that it would be a bit easier because we’d have the power of two people paddling and one could paddle while one rests, etc.  Sounded good to me.  Erik’s totally weak argument was “if we take two boats, I’m less likely to get wet”.  I’m pretty sure that was meant to be a slam at my mad boating skills, but whatever… I was also carrying the jelly beans, so that settled that and we teetered ourselves into a double kayak and fell into a synchronized paddle.

Erik sat in the back so he could be the one to steer… which was probably best since I spent a considerable amount of time trying to take photos and not really paying attention to which direction we were headed.  We’d probably be in Cuba by now if I had been steering.  Or dead, we could also be dead.

Once we were away from the marina, we headed towards this cool old floating lighthouse…

We’ve seen it from the beach before, but we were able to get right up next to it in the boat… am I the only one who thinks this is super cool?

Not wanting to push our luck, we stayed mostly on the sound side.  The water was pretty calm, so we could paddle for a while (until our arms were burning) and then just float for a bit to eat jelly beans and soak up sunshine.

This was my first time kayaking and surprisingly, I loved it!  It’s so cool being out on the water, gliding across it with no motor sounds and no complicated sails to deal with… just a simple paddle right, paddle left, paddle right, paddle left.  It wasn’t easy – my arms were burning like crazy, but it was one of those workouts that doesn’t really feel like a workout because you’re having too much fun.  Oh, but it was definitely a workout… not long after we got off the water, we found that our arms and legs were mostly worthless and I’m still struggling to regain full function of my limbs.

Okay, so this is actually my favorite part of this blog post…. I felt so whipped that I posted my Facebook status as “kayak: 1, me: 0”.  A few minutes later, an inspirational friend of mine commented “couch: 0, you: 1”.  I love that!  The rowing may have rendered me wimpy, but I beat the couch yesterday and that’s worth celebrating!

Are you beating your couch or is it beating you?

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