I think that dude had BOOBS! [Avon Walk for Breast Cancer recap]

I’m tired, my feet hurt, and I have a sizable blister on one of my toes, but… I am so thrilled to have participated in the 2-day Avon Walk for Breast Cancer with my sister-in-law this weekend!

I have to be honest… I didn’t start out the weekend wanting to do this event.  I arrived home past midnight on Thursday night and needed to run errands, unpack, do 7 loads of laundry, pack for the weekend, and re-pack for the work-week before we got out the door for the 4 hour drive to Charlotte on Friday.  I felt rushed, stressed, and cranky… oh-soooo-cranky!  And I just got crankier as the day went on… We got off late on our drive to Charlotte, got stuck in traffic (my head almost exploded, no lie), and I nearly missed getting there in time to complete my registration.

After rushing through registration like a woman on fire, I realized just how many things I forgot in my packing-frenzy (ie – toothbrush!)… by the time we ate dinner and made a last-minute trip to Target, it was nearly 11pm and I still hadn’t gotten my stuff organized for the 4am wake-up call I had coming the next morning.  Gaaaah!

I finally laid down to sleep and a million thoughts flurried through my head… Like that the last thing I wanted to do was get up in the middle of the night, pull on every article of pink clothing I own, and huddle out into the cold morning for a long walk on just a few hours of sleep.  But I set my alarm, apologized to my wonderful husband for being such a jerk all evening (it’s a wonder he didn’t smother me in my sleep that night), and tried to settle down for some rest… all 17 minutes of it.

We missed the opening ceremonies, but our husbands dropped us at the start line just in time…  Once we fell in line with all the other walkers, I was so glad I was there… there is nothing quite like walking in a sea of pink-clad women early in the morning… while everyone was still slap-happy from lack of sleep.  The silly stories we told, the laughs that we shared… yeah, this was going to be a great weekend.

I love the chick-power of this event… women of all ages and backgrounds coming together for a common cause?  That’s some pow-ah!

You know what else I love about this event?  The road-crew volunteers and the people who come out to cheer… they rock!

Do you know how awesome it is when you’ve been cold all morning, you’re starting to get tired and sore, and then you come to an intersection where a bearded biker is wearing a pink wig, pink tutu, and fake boobs with tassels on them… and he’s DANCING like a lunatic just to make you laugh?

Or when you come to another intersection to find a bearded biker who has dyed his facial hair pink, is wearing a pink tutu over his chaps, and has a boob-scarf tucked into a candy bra?

Or being greeted at lunch by a grown man in tights, cape, and huge padded bra… who answers to the title “Captain Cleavage”?

Or having Moo-Cow Guy’s team ring a cow-bell at you to keep you mooooo-ving?

Or had the Bibbity-Bobbity-Boob fairies wave their wands at you?

Or entered a breast-cancer war zone?

Or been moved to tears by a hand-written sign pinned on someone’s back?

Or when you wrap yourself in a mylar blanket and realize you look like take-out leftovers?  Haha!

If you haven’t had these experiences, you should go now and sign up for next year’s walk…

Because this stuff right here?  Should be on everyone’s bucket list!


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