rain, rain, go away… I deserve a good hair day!

I haaaaaate being cold… the only thing I hate worse than being cold is being cold and wet…  And yeah, I don’t like snow either – like at all.

Sadly, the weather turned nasty here in Chicago last week.  It was cold, gray, and rainy… which is a brutal contrast to the clear and pleasant weather we’ve been having at home.  The strong Chicago wind sends the rain down in horizontal sheets and turns umbrellas inside-out.

When it rains, the normally walkable downtown is a traffic-nightmare because people are suddenly driving or taking cabs instead of walking.

Normally?  I would not be caught dead walking in the cold rain.  But I’m armed with a really awesome rain coat, umbrella, and sheer determination.  Oh yeah… I am DETERMINED!  I’m not going to let this crummy weather coax me into taking a cab everywhere instead of walking… it won’t keep me from getting to my kickboxing class… or anywhere else for that matter!  No sir!  Well, at least until the snow comes.

The first morning I stepped out into the rain, I seriously considered grabbing a cab to the office.  But instead – I just zipped up, pulled my hood-string tight around my face, popped my umbrella open, and started walking… I figure it’s probably burning a few more calories when I walk in the rain, right?

It actually wasn’t too bad.  In fact it was almost comical with everyone bundled up in coats, hats, scarves, and rain-coats with just a small bit of their faces visible…  I even saw a guy in a business suit carrying a pink cartoon umbrella that *hopefully* was an act of desperation because he couldn’t find his own, more manly one.

Also?  I felt like a local… Toting my laptop in a backpack on my back and hugging a cup of coffee as I maneuvered the cross-walks?  No tourist does that, kids.  I’m practically a Chicagoean (or whatever it is).

Walking back to the hotel that night, I got so tickled when I passed a window and saw my reflection… all bundled up with my face barely poking out of my hood.  I had to laugh… and I had to snap a picture of just how silly I looked.

One of the guys at work assured me that while Chicago is a fashion mecca most other times of the year, all fashion rules go out the window in the winter…  Sadly, I’m pretty sure good hair days do too.

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2 Responses to rain, rain, go away… I deserve a good hair day!

  1. Entertaining post. It reminded me of why I left Missouri and moved to FL — I couldn’t take the cold winters and driving on ice that last winter of grad school was enough to motivate me to leave. Awesome job is forgoing the cab for walking…in miserable weather that has to be tough!

    • distance chick says:

      Thanks! Yeah, there’s no way I’d be able to live somewhere with cold winters like this, but for the one winter I’ll be here, I’ll bundle up and bear it!

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