pimp my ride errrr… dining room.

So remember yesterday when I mentioned that I had finally hired an interior design firm to help finish out the dining room?  I had to send an email today to give them an idea of our “style” and such… this is the reply that I sent:

hmmm, I have a sort-of inspiration pic with colors that I love…

I considered doing a frame collection similar to the photo, but couldn’t seem to make it work or pull it together.  I think the table needs some sort of runner, but I haven’t seen anything that I thought would work.  We also tried a large spiral-ish candle holder from Pottery Barn on that wall (you can barely see it propped against the wall behind the table in the initial photo I sent), but it wasn’t substantial enough and I couldn’t figure out anything else to do around it… so we took it down.
I love blues and greens (both in decor and clothing) – our living room has various shades of soft aqua and slate blue (we live near the beach – I’m trying desperately to not vomit seashells all over everything).
our new house is more traditional than what we would normally go for, but we’re in the process of making it less formal with a gazillion house-projects.  I’m attaching pictures of the kitchen that opens to the dining room (and please chime in if you agree that we ABSOLUTELY should paint those cabinets some kind of charcoal color to offset the light floors and light counters – my husband and I are in a stand-off over that topic). 

We bought the house primarily for the screened-in room off the living room and spend lots of mornings out there with coffee and papers.

No Pinterest for me, but I love funky/eclectic stuff… my favorite piece of art that we own is “Queenie”:

but we also use a lot of my husband’s photography around the house – we have this one matted and framed, hanging in our guest room:

I’m 39 and he’s 41, we do not have children, love to travel, love to entertain… and we’re big fans of wine.   We love New Mexico and Italy.  We have a very fuzzy German Shepherd/Keeshound mix named Josie Bear who sheds approximately a sack of fur a day. 

I would honestly rather take a beating than re-paint that dining room… again.
Hope all that nonsense helps!  I’ll get my husband to take measurements and additional pictures of the room this evening.

What do you think?  Think I’ve given them enough inspiration?  I mean, for something other than a cocktail at 9am?



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