princess in training…

Even though the Savannah Rock and Roll Race Expo was a complete effing nightmare (two hours to park and get in and then everything was packed so tight you could barely move – gah!), I did manage to get signed up for another race while I was there… the Disney Princess Half Marathon

I signed up for this particular race for several reasons…

  • The finisher’s medal is shaped like a bejeweled tiara.  [as if I need any additional reasons!!!]

  • Also, by signing up at the Expo, I saved 10 bucks on registration and should receive my bonus gift of a really nice gym bag [with the race logo and the words “Princess in Training” on it] in the mail any day now… how fun is that?
  • I’ve never been to Disney World, but this would be a great way to see the park.
  • Orlando is only about a 4 hour drive from home, so no flights involved.
  • The weather should be pretty decent that time of year.
  • I love a race that encourages costumes – can’t wait to start planning mine!
  • The majority of the route is lined with Disney characters for photo opportunities.
  • This is a leisurely race with no real time-pressure.
  • Race day is February 26th, so that gives me a reasonable amount of time to train.
  • I need something (a training program) to keep me motivated while I’m traveling for work this winter.

With those last two items in mind, I had to sit down and get creative with a training schedule… Mondays and Thursdays are really tough days for me to do much of anything because they’re long 15 hour days that leave me pretty wiped out. 

So this is what I came up with:


For cross-training, I’ll do my cardio kickboxing class, a spin class, or swim.  I should probably add another strength training session in somewhere, but not sure where I’d fit that in with my schedule and equipment availability… so this will do for now.

I’ve followed the schedule so far (yay for lasting 4 whole days!) and I have my first “long run” tomorrow… I’m really looking forward to getting back into the training mode – it always makes me sleep better and feel better.  Plus, I can have beer without the guilt!

Oh, when I signed up, they asked me to choose my favorite Disney Princess…  I wanted to choose a character who represents the passion, strength, independence, and determination it will take to train for and complete a Half Marathon, but I’m afraid I was stumped when it came to the Disney Princesses.  All the more reason to run that race… so I can be the princess who represents those qualities. 

Princess Chick, here I come!

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