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hot wine and sausage? I’m IN!

I was running an errand last week, when I stumbled upon Chicago’s annual Christkindl Market which is  inspired by the 700-year-old traditional German Christkindl Markt, or Christ Child Market.  I remember these fondly from living in Germany as a kid and from … Continue reading

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division of labor in our house…

So – last weekend – I was cleaning out a closet at home while Erik lounged on the screened-in-porch with a magazine…  A totally peaceful Saturday for us.  Suddenly, he comes rushing in and says he’s pretty sure there’s an … Continue reading

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biggest loser marathon…

This week’s Biggest Loser episode was the one where all of the contestants ran a marathon through the roads, desert, and beaches of Malibu… I can’t remember when they started having the contestants run a marathon – maybe around season … Continue reading

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I’m sick… I’ve been feeling tired and sniffly and just altogether rough for a few days now.  I woke up yesterday morning and realized I had morphed into a snot-factory some time during the night.  My head hurt, I was … Continue reading

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weekend in raleigh…

Have I mentioned lately that I miss living in Raleigh?  Well, I totally do.  I love Raleigh… love, love, love it.  In fact, a few months after we moved there back in 2005, I turned to Erik and said “they … Continue reading

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I periodically stay in a really posh hotel in downtown Chicago… so posh that many famous people also stay there… famous people like Kanye West – who I met last night. As I was leaving the hotel for dinner last … Continue reading

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