weekend in raleigh…

Have I mentioned lately that I miss living in Raleigh?  Well, I totally do.  I love Raleigh… love, love, love it.  In fact, a few months after we moved there back in 2005, I turned to Erik and said “they will bury me in this house” because I couldn’t imagine leaving it.  But we did… leave it, I mean. 

Eight months after moving, I’m still getting used to living in Savannah and taking advantage of all the benefits of living so near the beach/water.  But I know that Raleigh will always have a special place in my heart.  So when I had a chance to meet up with a girlfriend in Raleigh last weekend, I jumped at the chance! 

We had a classic girls’ weekend with gorgeous weather, lots of great food (sushi and Mexican), several ice-cold Blue Moons, shopping, and lazing around with trash magazines.  But my favorite part was rocking out some hilly mileage at the lake for old time’s sake.

Probably the number one thing I miss about living in Raleigh is the gorgeous trails…

…And the seemingly endless supply of fun girlies to go walking or running with. 

Ahhh, yep, I miss it…

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