I’m sick… I’ve been feeling tired and sniffly and just altogether rough for a few days now.  I woke up yesterday morning and realized I had morphed into a snot-factory some time during the night.  My head hurt, I was sneezing, and just felt exhausted… so I called in sick to work. 

I spent the day in my hotel room – sleeping, working from my bed, and doping up on Nyquil.  I only left my room to get cold medicine from the drug store across the street and to pick up soup and crackers from the deli behind the hotel… mmmmm, soup and crackers.

I was asleep last night by about 8:45, but I woke up this morning and still felt pretty rough, so I’m working from the hotel room again today. 

Being sick away from home kinda sucks… but it does help when you’re staying in an amazing hotel with room-service, a super cozy bed, a fireplace in front of it, and a deep soaking tub.  I still wish that I was at home – in my own bed, with my sweet husband who takes care of me, and my fuzzy mutt to cuddle… but if I have to be away from home while I’m sick, this is really not too bad at all.

Since I’m feeling chilled and achey all over, I called for hot tea from room service and then poured myself a piping hot bubble bath.  I love taking hot baths, but rarely do it and when I do – I’m out of the tub within about 10 minutes.  Today, because I felt so crummy, I kicked back with  my hot tea and my Nook and soaked in that hot sudsy water long enough to make myself good and pruney… heaven!

I fly home tomorrow and while I’m worried that being on a plane will wreak havoc on my sinuses and just make me feel more crummy, I’m so anxious to get home and snuggle into my flannel sheets with a box of kleenex and some silly movie to lull me to sleep.  I’ve already warned Erik that I will require some extra babying this weekend and he’s prepared to indulge me… Yay!

Hope you’re all fending off the crud that’s going around…

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One Response to achooooo!

  1. Well at least you’ll have someone to take care of you soon! Maybe you’ll start to feel better by then. I swear by Muxinex over anything.

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