biggest loser marathon…

This week’s Biggest Loser episode was the one where all of the contestants ran a marathon through the roads, desert, and beaches of Malibu…

I can’t remember when they started having the contestants run a marathon – maybe around season 4 or 5?  But it is easily my favorite episode for every season.  I am literally glued to the TV, sobbing like a lunatic, the entire time.

Why am I crying?  Because I know how amazing it feels to do something like that… something that you once dreamed of, but never thought you would be able to do… something other people would not expect of you.  That stuff?  Is better than crack (and mostly better than nachos with beer).

I mean, just imagine… these are people who were riding their sofas and barely able to tie their own shoes a few months prior.  But now?  They are rocking 26.2 miles of not the easiest terrain (running on sand is tough, kids).  It doesn’t matter how long it takes them – two contestants took over 10 hours to complete it this season – it just matters that they do it.

How freaking inspirational is that?  To me, it’s incredibly so… I have signed up for more than one race as a result of each season’s marathon run episode.  I’ve read about plenty of running bloggers being motivated for a marathon by this show alone.  I also just read on People that the show’s hostess (and Erik’s secret girlfriend), Alison Sweeney,  was inspired to start training for a marathon herself… she’ll be running the LA Marathon in March.  How cool!

Feeling inspired yourself?  Check out this awesome book that convinced me (and several people I know) to run a marathon.  You’ll be glad you did…

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