a bottle of wine, a stack of magazines, and a pair of scissors…

Late yesterday afternoon, I started a project that I’ve been meaning to get to for months, but finally made time for…

Ever heard of Vision Boards?  Yeah, it’s sorta new to me too.  I first heard of them when Biggest Loser at-home winner, Heba Salama, posted hers on Facebook.  It looked like a fun scrap-book project (you had me at scissors and pretty paper) with a healthy amount of positive visualization rolled in.  I would post it here, but it’s not mine to post…

I love goal-setting and using fun tools to motivate myself, so I started digging around online to learn how to make one of my own… And finally found this quick “how-to” on Lululemon’s website.  How fun, right?  And then… I got busy with life, and our house, and wasn’t feeling especially artsy or craftsy anyway, so this project fell to the back-burner. 

I had nearly forgotten all about vision boards until I ran into a lady in the airport that had hers copied and pasted onto the cover of her day-planner so she had a visual reminder every day, everywhere she went, of the things she wanted for her life.  I asked her about it and the lady sitting on the other side of me chimed in that she does them every year as well.  She said that she gets together with a few girlfriends every New Year, cracks open some wine, and starts whipping up a vision board for the new year (in lieu of making resolutions).  I loved that idea and decided to set the same tradition for each New Year. 

So yesterday –  armed with wine, a stack of various magazines (Runner’s World, Outside, Men’s Health, Shape, Cosmo, and miscellaneous garbage magazines), and some scissors – I sat out on my sunny screened-in porch and started my first vision board. 

I flipped through all the magazines and looked for any words that jumped out at me or any pictures that made me smile, pause, or daydream.  I also dug through my pictures and pulled out a couple that were taken when I felt totally happy and like I was living the life I wanted to right at that moment.  And then I weeded through my scrapbooking papers to find the paper that I love, but will never use in a book because I didn’t want to cover it with pictures.

It was surprisingly involved, but I finally assembled everything on a framed cork-board tonight.  I put the scrapbook paper down first and then arranged my pictures… filling in around everything with the words and pictures I had clipped from magazines. 

If I had it to do over, I would (a) not trim the words until I was placing them so I didn’t make them too small for the space (b) use temporary scrapbooking tape instead of a glue-stick that didn’t allow me to move things around once I stuck them down (duh!).  I’m pretty sure it won’t win any prizes, but I love it all the same…

The photo at the top was taken when I took my first real sabbatical a couple of years and was finding my joy again after years of work-stress, the photo of Erik and I on the left was taken on our trip to Italy when we did the sunset “walk of love” in Cinque Terre, and the photo of Erik and I to the right is from my “birthday do-over” right after we moved to Houston – I had an amazing day that day and it was only improved by a fabulous dinner with my husband.  Every time I look at any of these three pictures, my heart just feels happy.  I included some magazine pictures words about running, blogging, being sexy, and living intentionally.  This is a year that I want to feel lighter… both physically and mentally.  I want to laugh more, love more, make a difference, and feel no regret.

What do you want for yourself this year?

PS – You guys may already do this, but as I was going through all of my magazines, I ripped out the perfume samples so I can use them when I travel instead of just letting them go to the recycle bin in the magazines.

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5 Responses to a bottle of wine, a stack of magazines, and a pair of scissors…

  1. Jen D says:

    i made a vision board a couple of years ago, and it hangs on my refrigerator. it’s been there so long, i no longer notice it everyday….but, when i do, it is a wonderful reminder of things i’m striving toward.

    now that i’m getting a little farther away from (and more used to the chronic-ness of) my health issues, i think perhaps i’m ready to step away from some of my fear and really embrace the changes i want to make.

    perhaps we can help each other. xoxo

  2. Heather says:

    Love it! I may actually try one of these myself –

    • the key to it is having a good bottle of wine…. 😉 I might have to start trying to plan a chick-trip weekend to get some of my favorite women together to do these each year!

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