he beats me every time…

I mean, in the gift-giving sense, not in the “call the cops because my husband is in a stained white undershirt, giving me crazy eyes” kind of way.  haha.

Tomorrow is Valentine’s day and I’ve spent the last few days furiously brainstorming for a really cool gift idea for my husband.  Mostly, because I love him and want to make him feel special on this day of love and overpriced cards…  But also, because he is way better at gift-giving and I want to win at this (imagined) gift-giving competition. 

It’s true that my husband is insanely smart and all kinds of wise, but he’s also adorably creative… 

A few years ago, he bought a pad of construction paper and spent the afternoon making hearts with rhyming clues that I had to follow to find my goodies…

A few years before that, he gave me an adorable retro lunch box filled with 100 grade-school valentine’s day cards and candy…

A few years before that, I received a home-made bookmark that listed off all the things he loves about me… shush, it was a huge bookmark.

And most years, he sends me wonderfully elaborate flowers at work and then patiently listens to me as I rattle on about my flower-shop days and how insane it always is to buy roses at those crazy v-day prices… but he knows… he knows that I totally love it anyway.

Even though we’re hours away from the holiday, I’m still hoping to come up with something that will knock his socks off… maybe he’d like an acupuncture session?  Or a commissioned song?  Maybe an extravagant motorcycle accessory?

Hmmm… Or maybe, he’d prefer if his wife wasn’t an overly competitive dork and would just enjoy the holiday without making it about who wins the gift-giving competition.  Oh sure, that’d be easy… pffft.

Happy Valentine’s day, everyone!

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