Who doesn’t love Ice T?  I mean – have you seen his reality show?!  (pssst, if you don’t get this reference, you *might* be too young to appreciate my attempt at humor… sorry and may God bless your precious little heart)

Anyhoo – in completely unrelated-to-the-rapper-turned-actor news, I picked up my race packet for the Color Vibe 5K on Friday… a race I’ve been strangely excited about for months.  Why the idea of having colored cornstarch thrown at me throughout a 5K run was so intriguing is beyond me, but if you’ve seen any pictures from these runs all over the country… you’ll probably find yourself wondering if one is coming to a city near you… (and one probably is… because they are CASH-FREAKING-COWS for the race organizers, but that’s another story that includes crankiness best avoided on a Sunday).

color vibe


So I woke up Saturday at 7am with plenty of time to shower, wrap my blonde head in a bandana to prevent staining from the colors, and meet a couple of girlfriends at the Y so we could ride together.  Ten minutes in the car later and we were caught in grid-lock traffic on the road that leads to the one and only bridge that would get us to the island where the race was being held.  We found out there was a wreck on the bridge and the single-lane traffic was backed up so far that we literally only made a few blocks of progress over the next 45 minutes.

We were just about to the bridge 10 minutes after the race was supposed to begin… and realized that if we crossed through the intersection, there’d be no turning back… we’d be stuck on the bridge for however long it took.  So… we did what any three adult women who run only because we know our bodies need it would do and decided to go have mimosas and beignets on River Street instead.


That may not be colored powder, but it was YUMMY powder!

Yeah, on some level, I’m kinda bummed that we didn’t get colored cornstarch stuck up our nostrils and in our ears… but a lazy morning with a couple of hilarious girlfriends wearing spandex pants in public?  That’s well worth the $40 race fee!

So how was your Saturday???


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